How to Educate Small Business Owners on Internet Marketing

When a person runs a small business, they usually work with a very small team or even on their own. Usually, the experience of that team will be devoted to the business area in which they are located, not to Internet marketing. As a result of this, many small business owners don’t really understand what small business online marketing requires. It is important for someone who is running an SEO business to keep this in mind and to find ways to educate small business owners about Internet marketing.

The first thing small business owners should understand about online marketing is what kind of results it can bring them. Many people only have a kind of vague understanding of the potential of the Internet. What they need to understand is that a properly executed Internet marketing campaign can greatly increase the profile of their business. Even local small businesses can greatly benefit from an online marketing campaign because many people now use online methods (including the use of searches from mobile devices) to find companies in their area. Business owners may not realize this, so they need to be taught about the various methods and how these online marketing methods can directly impact their business.

Small business owners also often need to be educated about the effort they need to put into an online marketing campaign. Showing them that there are simple things they can do themselves, such as maintaining a blog or a Facebook page for their business, has several purposes. First, these two are important tools that should be used in an Internet marketing campaign. It also helps to show small business owners that promoting an online business is easy, and something that is not as esoteric or complicated as they may have originally assumed.

It is also necessary to show small business owners that online success can be measured. Many of them walk away from hiring Internet marketing professionals because they feel they will not be able to concretely measure the value they are receiving for their marketing money. Show them the analyses that can be carried out that will very specifically measure the impact that these marketing efforts have to assure them that their money is being well spent.

Small business owners also need to be educated on how online marketing specifically applies to local small businesses. The more you can educate them about mobile technology, for example, and how it is used to locate businesses when people are shopping, the more likely they will adopt an Internet marketing effort.

Another thing that is important to explain to small business owners is that Internet marketing is not just about making sales through a website. It’s also about getting people to walk through the doors of a physical business. If a company doesn’t have a product that can sell directly online, be sure to educate them on how an online presence, especially with local marketing efforts, can attract traffic through their doors as well. Leveraging local business listings with Google and other directories are good resources to show small business owners how this element of marketing their online business would work.

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